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Welcome to Glen Elder, Kansas -- Home of Waconda Lake & Glen Elder State Park

Glen Elder
-- Heritage & History --
Photo Gallery
Images from Earlier Days
c. 1890 - 1915

Glen Elder City Hall
213 S Market, Box 55
Glen Elder, KS  67446

E-Mail:  glcity@nckcn.com

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If you have photos appropriate for this page please contact Glen Elder City or e-mail them to:
Greg German

The photos on this page are guessed to have been taken after 1890 & before 1915.
The vantage point of the photographer is from the hill west of Glen Elder, looking east.


Compare Yesterday's Town Square to Today's Compare

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OldGE-1b.jpg (79461 bytes) OldGE-2b.jpg (103898 bytes) OldGE-3b.jpg (107489 bytes)

#1 Looking NE ...Note the Max Porter barn on top far left of photo.  The barn behind Larry Thompson's might be in center of photo

#2  Looking E...Possibly a barn just south of the barn shown in photo #1

#3 Looking ESE...Largest white building is the Christian Church. Directly across the street is where the "new" high school was to be built.

OldGE-4b.jpg (192893 bytes) OldGE-5b.jpg (116317 bytes) OldGE-6b.jpg (174089 bytes)

#4 Looking SE...Down hill just west of the current Evert Linton home in foreground.

#5  Looking SSE...The current Sandy Stoval home in foreground. Elevators that were recently torn down in deep background.  Note the dust, possibly coming from road south of town.

#6  Possibly looking S behind the current Eldon Behymer and Stoval homes.  Possibly Main Street in center of photo.

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