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Welcome to Glen Elder, Kansas -- Home of Waconda Lake & Glen Elder State Park

Glen Elder
City Office & Information

Glen Elder City Hall
213 S Market, Box 55
Glen Elder, KS  67446

E-Mail:  glcity@nckcn.com

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Environmental Protection Agency

Click Here to View (PDF) City of Glen Elder Consumer Confidence Report 2014

(Covering Calendar Year 2013). This water quality report provided by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) lists information for the City of Glen Elder. It includes limited details on the source and quality parameters and how our water compares to EPA and state standards.

On behalf of Glen Elder, the City Council  warmly WELCOMES you to our home, and our web site. For those of you that are  considering a visit to our rural community, the home of beautiful Waconda Lake, we anticipate your arrival.  We think you will enjoy your stay.  We are a community of friendly, hardworking people that represent the backbone, not only of Kansas but also America.  We are a community bonded by our farming heritage, small town life and the wonders of which nature has surrounded us.  We recognize our good fortune in the beauty of sunsets and wheat fields, the smell of freshly tilled soil, visiting with old friends and neighbors and the feel of a  well-hooked fish.  We hope you experience our good fortune, too...... Sincerely, Ryan Duskie, Mayor

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E-mail: glcity@nckcn.com

City Clerk
Jerri Senger

Law Enforcement
Glen Elder & Mitchell County 


Ryan Duskie              785-545-3180    Mayor

Tracy Anderes           785-545-3243
Lindsey Clark's 

Barry McPeak              785-545-3452
Sheila Paxson             
Larry Wheeler           785-545-3335


Council President   Ryan Duskie                  

Municipal Judge: Bonnie Wilson

City Attorney:  Katie J. Cheney

City Official Paper:  Cawker City Ledger

Financial Institution: Central National Bank

City Clerk: Jerri Senger

City Treasurer:  Linda Mick

Fire Chief: Jerry Clark 

Assistant Fire Chief: Garry Clark

City Employees

Eldon Behymer 
Home:  785-545-3650

City Maintenanc
Devon Housh
& Daniel Firebaugh

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